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My name is Renshi Malcolm Bates and I have been teaching Karate in Kent for over 15 years. My Shin-Gi-Tai Karate clubs have seen many children pass through. Some have stayed for many years and graduated as Junior Black Belts and gone on to the Seniors class, where others have stayed for only a few months. One thing they all have in common is that they have all significantly benefited from the experience.

The Karate training system I have developed is geared specifically to address the needs of children. It provides a safe, fun, structured, peer based environment where each child can learn to learn and develop key life skills including discipline, teamwork, social skills, structured competitiveness and reward for effort as well as physical fitness and coordination.

I firmly believe that these skills offer benefits way beyond the dojo and will make a significant, positive contribution to their personal, physical and physiological development.

If you're interested in finding out more about what the Shin-Gi-Tai Karate club can offer your kids then get in touch and take advantage of some great money saving deals on trial memberships.

Best wishes and thank you for taking a look at the site.

Renshi Malcolm Bates

Chidrens Karate Training in Kent helps develop physiscal, mental, social skills and self respect

Why send my child to Karate?

  • It's good for them
  • They will be physically and mentally challenged and their development encouraged in a disciplined social environment
  • They can socialise with other children of ages between five and 16
  • They will learn individually but in a team environment
  • It will help them to develop confidence and self-understanding
  • It helps them develop respect for themselves and for others
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What are the benefits to me as a parent?

  • Karate develops key psychological, physical and social skills
  • The whole ethos, lesson structure and training environment is highly positive
  • The focus is on individual development
  • It gives you a break and you probably need one.
  • It will also allow you some free time to do other things
  • Or you can stay and watch your child achieve and share with them the joy of learning and gaining awards
  • You can develop a common interest with your child if you would like to - many of our junior members have parents who also train in the adult club!.
Kids Karate Traing hels develop key psycologial, physical and social skills as well as Self Defence
Help you kids learn disciplin, structured learing, focus, teamwork, fitness and self defence with Shin Gi Tai Kids Karate in Kent

What are the benefits of Karate as opposed to any other after school activity?

All activities have:-

  • Discipline
  • Structure
  • Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Physical development
  • Fitness
  • Coordination skills

Karate guides & encourages:-

  • Self defence
  • Physical and mental discipline
  • Respect
  • Goal setting
  • Success through commitment, addressing instant gratification tendencies
  • Control
  • Learning to teach others and thereby learn
  • Commitment (with parental support)

Karate has additional benefits including:-

  • Karate is a disciplined activity and children learn how to work within clear boundaries
  • Karate is a structure development path that can progress over many years so there is always more to learn, generating long term interest
  • Karate is not driven by money and fame so students learn to be more humble and develop good self-awareness
  • Karate activity creates good overall fitness in terms of balance, strength, speed and perseverance/stamina
  • Karate has a strong code of ethics

Why Shin-Gi-Tai Karate as opposed to any other club?

  • We are well established in the local area founded in 2002 we have been teaching in the area since mid 1990's
  • Our Chief instructor is at all lessons and conducts the majority of training so standards are high, and common across the clubs
  • Promotional assessments are conducted locally so opportunities are many and cost of grading very low
  • Our students are encouraged to study beyond just the basic physical karate and learn more about the art
  • Several awards are available to students over their years of study
Kids Karet Kent helps deveope commitment and rewarded effort offering years of positive healthy interest
Read real parents testemonials about Kids Karate lessons in Kent by Shin Gi Tai Karate

So what do the Parents think of the Karate lessons

Shin-Gi-Tai Kent Kids Karate is reviewed on the Freeindex website under the company name of the MMA Consultancy. Here are just a few of the reviews from this site.

My young son has been with the club since May after being elsewhere prior to that. I was instantly struck not just by the friendliness of the club but by the commitment of the children to the sport, reflected in them warming up together and the older grades helping the younger grades. There is total respect for Malcolm and having just seen my first grading, I can see why. The kids were amazing!!

Leslie Stevens, Sittingbourne,Kent

Both my son and daughter attend classes. My daughter initially attended as child and now as an adult. They both really enjoy the classes which are excellent value for money and create a great learning environment.

Karen Vereker, Maidstone, Kent

My 7 year old daughter has been attending classes for the past 3 years and she thoroughly enjoys them. She has found some of the classes and gradings challenging but enjoyable. Although she attends the West Malling class we have on occasion taken my daughter to the classes held at Grove Green. These classes are bigger with quite a few older more experienced students who are a credit to Sensei Malcolm. These students are great with the younger ones helping them along with their katas and moves. Sensei Malcolm is patient and encourages all the children to do their best. A great karate school which I would thoroughly recommend to others.

Sarah Benns, West Malling, Kent

My son and daughter have both been training with the club now nearly five years and have enjoyed the physical and mental challenges that sensei Malcolm sets for them. It is a friendly club and someone is always willing to help out beginners and parents to understand the syllabus taught. Sensei Malcolm also teaches kenjutsu-japanese swordsmanship and kobudo-Okinawan weapons.

Duncan Mason, Aylesford, Kent

Both of my children go here and I have found it to be a brilliant club. Very encouraging.

Sian Young, Tonbridge, Kent

Both of my lads and I train with Shin Gi Tai Karate club. The kids class is energetic and structured, allowing development of all levels. The adult class takes the Shotokan base as taught in the kids class and takes it back in time. Sensei Malcolm Bates, Internationally recognised Go-Dan (5th Grade Black Belt) is the core instructor for every lesson. His drive and dedication brings a passion to this club. The kids enjoy it, I enjoy it and my fellow students seem to enjoy it. We all owe our abilities to the teaching skills employed by Sensei Malcolm and the club seniors. Karate should really be a very personal thing, and this is encouraged. For the Adults, imagine it as a thinking club! Come along, give it a go, develop yourself physically and mentally!

Russell Dewhurst, Aylesford, Kent

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What do the Kids think of the Karate training?

Below are a couple of case studies of two students, S and R that have come up though the ranks of the Shin-Gi-Tai Junior and Children's Karate classes.

Kids Karate Kent: Karate helps me in my confidence and my strength. It has also made me a better person and made me believe I can do anything
Kids Karate Kent: I think my favourite part (of Karate) is probably the actual self-defence techniques that we learn and when we learn how to use them in real-life situations, because these are good life skills to know.

So what are you waiting for?

Kids Karate training in Kent, offered by Shin-Gi-Tai offers you a great opportunity to help your child or children develop valuable skills and fitness in a safe, fun, disciplined environment. It's got to be worth a try, don't you think?

To make things even easier and help with the costs, a range of sibling discounts and trial memberships are available. Just check out the banners on the top left of the site.

If you would like some more information on the Kids' or Adults' Karate training offered by Shin-Gi-Tai in Kent or would be interested in developing Karate as an after school club or activity for your school then just email us on the link below and we will get right back to you.

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Thanks again for taking the time to visit our website, I hope it was useful and we look forward to meeting you and your children soon.

Thanks for looking

Renshi Malcolm Bates